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Acquainting Tamil  audience with the French literature.


The French language is the world’s second  most widely used in international circles  .French literature  though only about 900 years old , is very rich  and has to its credit 14 Nobel laureates.Names likeSartre,VictoHugo,Baudelaire,A.Dumas,Maupassant, Voltaire, Rousseau Moliere  are quite popular among Indians and tamilians. But  there are many more whose contribution to literature is significant.The purpose of this site is to present through the medium of  tamil language, the history of French literature and its wealth (life sketch of the authors, abstracts of the masterpieces and quotations from reputed writings including poems translated into tamil ) .You will find in this site

  the following:

   1-An history of the French literature from its origin to the end of the seventeenth century.

 2-A history of the French literature of the eighteenth century (incubation period of the French Revolution)

  3-A history of the French literature of the nineteenth century. (Romanticism)

  4-Famous French poems-  பிரபல  பிரெஞ்சு  கவிதைகள் (fifty  of the best and most widely known  classical French poems have been extracted and translated into tamil. The book gives side by side the French original and its tamil translation.You can also listen to an audio recording of the poetry reading in authentic  French and tamil.

 5- J.P. Sartre,is a famous critic,playwright,and philosopher whose thoughts have considerably influenced the European intelligentia.One of his famous plays

 Les mains sales (the dirty hands) which deals with violence in politics  has been translates into tamil.( full integral version )


            The literature of the twentieth century, the tamil translation of a number of  french short stories published by the author in various magazines poems composed by him in tamil are proposed to be added in due course.